AP Computer Science Principles

First Grading Period Class Work

  1. Use the table below to see class assignments, when they are due, and point values.

  2. For all assignments, if you have not completed the assignment by the Due Date, a grade of zero will be entered in the grade book. You may complete assignments after the Due Date for full credit until the end of the grading period. ALL assignments are due at the end of the last regular class of the grading period (BEFORE Semester Exam schedule)

Assigned Due Date Points Assignment

Important Dates

  • Sep 21 - Back to School Night

  • Oct 5/6 - First Grading Period Progress Reports

  • Nov 6 - End of First Grading Period

  • Nov 7 - Conference/Professional Development Day, No School for Students

  • Nov 14 - First Grading Period Report Cards

  • Nov 22-24 - Thanksgiving Break, No School