What is AP Computer Science Principles?

This is a BRAND NEW AP Class being taught for the first time in the fall of 2016.
It's so new that it's not in the Hampton City Schools course catalog, but it is officially available, ask your counselor for course code 318520.

This course is designed for EVERYONE, NOT JUST people who will major in Computer Science.

It is NOT JUST programming!

There is a math class called "AP Computer Science" that IS a programming class.
This class includes programming, but not until the third grading period.

So if there's no programming for that long, what will you be learning?

  • Unit 1 - Digital Information - explores the technical challenges and questions that arise from the need to represent digital information in computers and transfer it between people and computational devices. 
  • Unit 2 - The Internet - students continue to work together to invent solutions and protocols to many of the problems that arise in the structure and function of the Internet.  
  • Unit 3 - Programming - learn the fundamental programming constructs of JavaScript using a "drag and drop" interface, then move on to programming simple event driven apps. An emphasis is placed on enabling students to solve problems and write code in teams.
  • Unit 4 -  Data - Being able to digitally manipulate data, visualize it, identify patterns, trends and possible meanings are important practical skills that computer scientists do every day.
  • Unit 5 - Explore and Create - Class time devoted to preparation and execution of the AP Performance Tasks: Explore and Create.
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More questions? See Mr. Shultz in Room 270, or see below for how to contact me.

How to Contact Me

You will probably find that it's quickest to send me an e-mail at sshultz@hampton.k12.va.us  

If you prefer to call, please call the main office at 825-4400.  They will take a message that I will pick up during my planning period or after students are dismissed.